Overview of SAP FIORI

What is SAP FIORI?

SAP software introduces new User Experience (UX), called as SAP FIORI. Completely re imagined user experience is designed by applying modern principles. Across all deployment and devices of all business lines, SAP FIORI is the new face of SAP. SAP FIORI provides optimal usability for simplified business interactions and also eases of use.
Overview of SAP FIORI

SAP FIORI - what are the implications?

SAP has just introduced a major shift in the way on-line productivity apps are built and connected to SAP for Time registration, travel expenses, leave request etc.

SAP FIORI is a collection of 25 most commonly used productivity apps. These apps are not native apps, these are web-apps built in SAP's own HTML 5 framework called as UI5. Being HTML 5 they'll run on all mobile devices and desktop browsers as long as they support HTML 5. These apps have responsive type of design and the apps can also be deployed as a role sensitive collection of apps with a common launcher or as a single web application, and can also be run from SAP or from 3rd party portals. One can find the User Interface (UI), being SAP UI5, which is intuitive and it can actually be adapted to user requirements.

They are not using Sybase Unwired Platform in these apps. They are running directly on OData services on NetWeaver Gateway 2.0. Here there is no need of SUP, relay servers & SMP. If the productivity apps are made lean and mean as web apps directly on NetWeaver Gateway, and (off-line) task worker apps are moving to the Syclo Agentry architecture, who'll need SUP or DOE (NetWeaver Mobile).
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