SAP FIORI Launch Pad

SAP Fiori launch pad is a platform with various ingredients in it. It is a real-time, contextual, role based and personalized aggregation point for business applications planned to be deployed on multiple platforms– ABAP (available today), SAP Portal, Cloud Portal and HANA. It runs on multiple device types and provides a single point of access for business applications such as transactional, analytical, factsheet, smart business applications and others. This Launch Pad has its key concepts. Some of them are listed below:
  • Simple - intuitive, easy and coherent user experience
  • Role based - simplified role based navigation and business function access
  • Contextual - real time, contextual and personalized access
  • Responsive– consumption a cross devices, versions and channels with a single user experience
  • Multi-platform– planned to be running on multiple platforms – ABAP (available today), SAP Portal, SAP HANA Cloud Portal and HANA

SAP Fiori Launch pad, across its underlying planned platforms, showcases the SAP user experience alignment (following the Fiori user experience), the branding tools alignment (SAP Theme Designer) and the responsive, multi-channel UI alignment.
SAP FIORI Launch Pad
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