SAP Fiori - App Types

SAP Fiori - App Types
SAP Fiori provides three App types. They are as follows:
  • Transactional App types
  • Analytical App Types
  • Fact Sheet App Types
SAP Fiori - App Types

Transactional App Type:
SAP Fiori - App Types

The transactional tasks are done by using this type of Apps. These transactional app types are represented by their simplified view. It also represents interaction with the existing business processes and solutions. These transactional app types are best to run on SAP HANA database, but also can be ported to other databases with their good performance.

Fact Sheet App Type
SAP Fiori - App Types
These Fact Sheet apps display contextual information and key factors about central objects used in any business operations. Fact sheets are designed to be user friendly and harmonized. From a fact sheet area (tile), one can be able to know into its details. One can easily navigate through one fact sheet to its related fact sheets. For example, a user can navigate from a particular document to the related business partner or to the master data.

From these fact sheets, one can start transactions by navigating to transactional apps, or by accessing the back-end system directly. For in case, from a document fact sheet, you can access the back-end system to display document details or to edit the document in SAP GUI or Web Dynpro.

Analytical App Type

SAP Fiori - App Types
These Analytical types of apps let you get a role-based insight into real-time operations of one’s business by collecting and displaying key figures directly in browser. They can be SAP Smart Business applications but can also be other analytical, predictive, and planning applications. Analytical apps combine the data and analytical power of SAP HANA with the integration and interface components of SAP Business Suite. They provide real-time information on large volume data in a simplified front end for enterprise control. With SAP Smart Business, you can closely monitor your most important key performance indicators (KPIs) in real time and react immediately on changes in market conditions or operations.
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